No Alimony Reform in 2014 for Florida


No Alimony Reform in FloridaWhen Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed an alimony reform bill in 2013, advocates of reform vowed that they would pursue alimony reform again in 2014. In January of this year, Representative Ritch Workman advised the media that he was working on a bill similar to the one that he sponsored last year but with significant changes such as not making the bill retroactive so that prior divorce agreements could be modified. This retroactivity provision was cited as the reason for the Governor’s veto of the 2013 legislation.

Representative Workman also stated that the new bill would not call for the elimination of permanent alimony as the 2013 bill did. The Family law Section of the Florida Bar stood poised to fight any alimony reform bill that they deemed arbitrary and unfair just as they had done in 2013.

However, this month Representative Workman and Senate bill sponsor, Kelli Stargel announced that they will not introduce an alimony reform bill this year but will focus instead on tax cuts. Family Law Reform, the organization behind the big push for alimony reform will likely continue their advocacy efforts on this issue, but at least for now, alimony law in Florida will stay just the way it is.